Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Card Trick For You.

This my version of an old Eddie Joseph effect. I love his thinking. 

I once posted it elsewhere, and sent a copy on to Teller,(the silent half that brilliant duo), he liked it enough to put his own presentation together for his book, How To Play In Traffic. I gave them a few other things for the book too but that is another story. 

I thought you would enjoy it so re-posting it here in the spirit of the season! Have fun 


Okay, I want you to get a deck of cards. It must be a full deck. Remove the jokers, in fact, throw them away, also throw away any advertising cards.  In other words you need all 52 playing cards, no more, no less.. 

Now remove all the odd cards this includes the Kings and Jacks. 

Set the even cards off to the side in a face down pile for now. You should have 24 cards in this pile.

Pick up the odd cards and shuffle them as much as your hearts content, now look at the top card and the bottom card and add the values together, Aces would be one, Jacks eleven and Kings thirteen....

Now set the odd cards face down to the side and pick up the even pile. Note the card at that position from the top in the deck down while keeping the cards in the same order. 

In other words, if the total number of the two odd cards were 18, you would remember the 18th card down in the even pile keeping the cards in the same random order when finished. 

Now let us review the situation up to this point. The odd packet is on the table. And the even pack is in your hands face down. You have two things in mind.... One; a certain number and two; a playing card. 

If I was in hearing distance I could tell you what that card is. On the other hand, I could wait until I hear from you then disclose the identity of the card. But this might take too long as it is Christmas and I have relatives to visit and I do not have time to answer all of you. I could, of course tell you right here what that card is, but then you would lose interest and not care to try this little experiment out. 

Therefore I propose to do better... I shall try to find that card even though several miles separate us. I know you don't believe such a thing is possible but I shall prove it to you in the next few minutes. 

Oh, I forgot one instruction; you will need a full deck to continue so please place the ODD packet of cards on top of the even cards in your hand. 

Have you placed the ODD cards on top of the EVEN pile?? Good! 

Now deal out row of cards face up corresponding with the total number you have in mind (the total of the two odd cards you added earlier). I am asking you to do this because I wish to impress that number deeper in your mind as this number is your mystic number. 

Have you got the row of cards in front of you?? As I wish you to identify your personality with mine and the cards laying in that row, please spell out 

B A N A C H E K  R O C K S

Lay out one card from the top of the deck on each face card up on the table for each letter of that phrase, (omit the space) . If by chance you do not complete the spelling by the time you cover the last face up card in the row, do continue again with the first card and carry through until finished. 

Done spelling that phrase? Good.

Okay a little cheesy but stay with me.

Look at the top card of the deck in your hand. Bet you thought that was going to be your card. No, Sir!  It's not that simple, deal this card on the table.

I have a wish for you this Christmas season and for it to come true you need to spell out the wish, deal one card as before for each letter of my wish below. 

A H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 

Right, now cross your fingers and think of your card. Now turn over the top card of the deck. What do you see? Don't bother calling to tell me, I know. 

It is my wish for you.

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